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Ground Cumin: NEW!!

Ground Cumin: NEW!!

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Cumin, Cuminum cyminum, is from the family Apiaceae. Cumin, pronounced "khu-min", it is closely related to anise, caraway, coriander, dill and fennel. Cumin is native to the Mediterranean regions and northern Africa but has been cultivated for thousands of years in the Middle East, India, China and the Mediterranean. 

In the U.S. cumin has not historically been a widely used spice but more recently it has gained in popularity. Worldwide cumin is one of the most consumed spices right after chiles and pepper. Cumin is a key spice in Indian, Mexican, and Vietnamese cuisine. 

How to Cook with Cumin 

For cooks in the Far East, Latin America, Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa, cumin has long been a signature spice and is a key ingredient in various spice blends and many dishes.

Cumin flourishes when used with cabbage, pungent cheeses, chicken, eggplant, lamb, onions, cauliflower rice, sauerkraut and squash.

Cumin works well in combination with allspice, anise seed, brown mustard, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, turmeric and yellow mustard.

We recommend using cumin sparingly as it is quite potent and can easily overwhelm a dish.

Common Questions About Cumin 

We often get lots of questions about cumin and here are some of the most common.

Is cumin spicy?
Yes it's definitely spicy, but it doesn't have the same kind of spicy heat that chile peppers possess or the bite that black pepper has.

What can I substitute for cumin?
It is pretty much impossible to replicate the flavor of cumin in a recipe but if you’re in a pinch your best bet is ground coriander and my second choice would be chili powder (as this typically contains some cumin). Some people like to say that caraway seed is a good substitute but I disagree as the flavor of caraway is also very potent but very different as well. 

What Does Cumin Taste Like

Ground Cumin has a very distinctive flavor with an earthy, nutty, spicy taste with somewhat bitter undertones and a warm, penetrating aroma with hints of lemon.